our mission.


here at topp'd, we like to keep things simple and up front. we don't believe in things like microwaves and freezers. when you go out and drop some of your hard-earned cash, you deserve better. you deserve to get the freshest hand-prepared dough, made in-house from scratch. you want all-natural sauce, not made from concentrate, and cheese and meats shredded and sliced by hand, here on site. veggies? only the freshest cut, highest quality will do. that's what we think. we are on a never ending quest to bring you the freshest quality ingredients, locally and responsibly sourced whenever possible.


who has all day to wait around on their food? welcome to the 21st century, people. you're not here because you wanted to wait hours on a meal. you're here because you want fresh food, right now. we do all the painstaking prep ahead of time to minimize your wait. no longer do you have to wait at a pizzeria for half an hour for great pizza. our speed never takes away from our commitment to quality.


what better way to celebrate your individuality than with food? at topp'd, we give you almost infinite combinations of ingredients to choose from. you could come in every meal for the rest of your life and never have the same thing twice. on the other hand, you could come in and have the same thing every time. we won't judge either way.